Fiji 70% Single Origin Bar, 1.8oz

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Fiji 70% Single Origin Bar, 1.8oz

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Flavor Notes: Nut Butter, Vanilla, Raspberries

Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Organic Sugar, Cocoa Butter.

Origin: Rakiraki, Fiji

Cocoa was introduced in Fiji in 1880 by the British with several varieties Trinitario from Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) and Trinidad . The modern day development of the industry was initiated in 1960's when the government made efforts to establish cacao as a smallholder crop to be interplanted with coconut.

Cocoa from Fiji has improved vastly over the last several years as organizations within Fiji such as Cacaofiji have worked to educate farmers.  The proof of improvement is in the flavor of the bars which feature beautiful flavors of nut butter, vanilla and raspberries.