The A. Craft Bean-to-Bar Process

1. Sort the Beans - remove imperfect, cracked or beans stuck together.

2.  Roast the Beans to bring out their flavor and dry the husk away from the nibs.  The beans are then cooled in a cooling tray.

3.  Crack the beans (like a nut with a shell) to separate the husks from the nibs.

4.  Winnow - the process of separating the husks of the bean from the cacao nibs

5.  Pre-grind the beans, much like a coffee grinder grinds the beans into smaller particles


6.  Combine the ground cacao nibs, sugar and cocoa butter into the melanger that will mix, grind and conch the mixture into chocolate.  

7. This process of melanging & conching takes between 30-36 hours in the melanger to produce a smooth consistency.

8.  Once the chocolate consistency is smooth, remove the bowl from the melanger and begin the process of tempering the chocolate.  We use a large polished slab of marble to achieve the best temper on the chocolate.

9.  Once the chocolate is tempered, it is piped into chocolate molds.


10.  The bars are refrigerated for a short time to begin the cooling process and allow the fats to crystalize.


11.  Once the bars are set they are unmolded and ready to be foil wrapped and packaged.